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Gustavo Petro wins the Historic Pact for Lights and Shadows

This Sunday Gustavo Petro, the candidate for Gustavo Petro, confirmed the favoritism polls have been indicating for several weeks.

(Position of Candidates to the Historic Pact On Pensions and Inflation).

The former Bogota mayor Bogota as well as former senator of the Republic took the victory in the Historic Pact alliance and officially declared himself a candidate for the presidency of the Republic which that he's aspired to in the past three years.

He is the most authentic persona in the Colombian left, and is a credible candidate for president, despite his controversial ideas and plans on a variety of aspects, including economic.

Petro declared his intention to reform the pension system by establishing an administrator public for pension funds. petro gustavo will enable Petro to blend private and public funds into the form of a "mixed and complementary system."

The candidate has said that in Colombia "we don't have a pension system, but a system of bank profits," so many claim that he would end the chances of reaching the Presidency. However, said that he would not eliminate them but would seek pension reform to achieve a minimum pension for Colombians. Petro also stated that it is not required to raise the pension age.

(Who comprise the list of possible candidates).

Another controversial issue is that he has repeatedly promised that he will stop oil extraction the day the day he assumes office as President, a situation that has caused uncertainty among investors and the market as a whole.

Experts anticipate that Petro's idea of end to exploration for oil would cost Colombia an estimated $4.3 billion in losses.

The plan also proposes the establishment of an anti-oil force across the region and across the globe, which helps move the economy away from fossil energy sources. I would invite Gabriel Boric, the new Chilean president, as well as Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the Brazilian vice president.

Petro said the two of them were talking to Pedro Sanchez (the Prime Minister of Spain) about his plan.

His position on health issues is also controversial, as he has insisted on the end of EPS and replacing it with a preventive model that "guarantees the rights of the people instead of the profits of bankers".

The president also raised doubts about the independence and legitimacy of the Banco de la Republica. stated that the Bank Board of Directors belongs to the Democratic Center. Accordingly, the candidate at the center of a discussion stated "What do we really want? An independently run Bank of the Republic (...) 's to me essential that the board of directors is a part of the society." claims that Petro leads the presidential election decision to vote.

His idea of issuing money to finance spending on government was also controversial.

Petro's proposals focus on a sustainable economy that isn't dependent on fossil fuels.

It is also stated that he will propose an amendment to the tax code that removes exemptions as well as the replacement of the idea of minimum wage by a real wage based on capital and income.

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